From A Runner’s Perspective: Holiday Gifts Every Runner Will Love!

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The holidays can be filled with so much stress. Figuring out what gifts to buy for the important people in your life should not add to it.

If you have someone on your holiday shopping list who loves to strap on their shoes anytime, anywhere and hit the open road, let us help. Here are 12 fabulous gift ideas for the existing and aspiring runners, marathoners and half marathoners in your life…

1) Marathon and Half Marathon Tree Ornaments

If you have a contender on your holiday list who challenged themselves to great heights by competing in a marathon or half marathon this year, commemorate their year of greatness by buying them a marathon or half marathon holiday ornament. You can either purchase a general ornament that honors their amazing feat or buy a race-specific one for such cities as Chicago, Boston and New York. While they might not have earned a top finishing spot, you’ll let them know they’re a world-class athlete in your heart!

The runner on your list who set their goal at a half marathon is no less commendable and should, likewise, be honored for their strength and resilience. This “13.1” ornament might not mean much to the average onlooker, but for someone who beat the pavement with all that they had to make it over the finish line, this ornament will mean everything!


See 26.2 Ornament        |         See 13.1 Ornament

For the Ladies!

If the loved one that you are buying for is a woman who did something super courageous for the first time, this ornament will bring tears of accomplishment to her eyes year after year.

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Chicago Marathon

If the Windy City didn’t knock the wind out of their sails and they completed the Chicago Marathon, this ornament is a perfect gift to make them smile with delight.

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Boston Marathon

If the Boston Marathon was their event in 2018—or if they’re running it in 2019—make sure that it goes down in infamy by hanging it proudly on the holiday tree every year!

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New York City Marathon

And if they took a bite out of the Big Apple and finished the New York City Marathon, then this ornament will be the apple of their Christmas gift eye!

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Ornaments are supposed to conjure up memories of years past, so this holiday season, give the runners in your life the gift of remembering their courage at setting a goal and completing it.

2) Running Inspiration

What any runner might know, and you might not, is that although we might say we love running, there are times when we don’t love it so much. To help provide courage for the loved one who pounds the pavement rain or shine, whether they want to or not, this running inspiration calendar is a perfect way to acknowledge that although they make it look easy, committing to running on a daily basis never is. It will keep them inspired throughout the year and set daily, weekly or monthly goals to make it to their own self-created “finish line” at the end of the year.

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3) 6 Stages of Marathon Running T-Shirt

There are six stages that every marathoner goes through from start to finish. Not only will the marathoner on your holiday list love this t-shirt, but they also will get a kick out of it. Opening up the box to read it will have them relive their marathon challenge, and likely, you will see a chuckle on their face as they read from start to finish. The “6 Stages of Marathon Running” is a printed shirt that anyone who has ever made it the 26.2 miles can appreciate. (Amazon also has a ton of styles available if you do a search for “6 States of Marathon Running.”)

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4) A Proud Display

If there is a die-hard marathoner on your list, they probably have a collection of bibs rolled up in their sock drawer showing off their accomplishments to, well, no one. Give your loved one a way to display their blood sweat and tears with this Gone For a Run BibFOLIO Plus Race Bib and Medal Display. Every athlete needs a trophy display, and runners are no different. The hanger has a clip that allows people the ability to flip through the various bibs and discover the many places that they have covered on foot. It is an excellent way to enable the person you love to show off all of their hard work, even if they downplay it year round! It is definitely one of the gifts that runners will love!

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5) Runner’s Wine Glass

What most runners know and non-runners don’t, is that as much as we love to work hard by running, we equally love playing. Nothing beats a glass of celebratory wine after you cross over the finish line. If you have a runner/wine lover on your buying list, these glasses are a perfect way to say “I get it” and “let’s celebrate your accomplishment” all-in-one!

For the guy or girl who likes to set goals and check them off as they go along….

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For the stemless lover in the crowd….

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6) Runner’s Beer Glass

If the competitor on your holiday to-buy-for list is more into beer than wine, these mileage mugs will inspire them to race to new heights in the upcoming year!

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7) Marathoner’s Travel Mug

If your athlete is more about the morning “Joe,” then get them a travel mug to take on the go. Sometimes getting to the race is one of the hardest parts. On those cold winter mornings when they would rather lay in bed then head to the starting gate, this travel mug will fill them up with caffeine, warm their bones and get them race-ready. Or if they commute to work, this is an awesome idea, too. After all, we runners might seem like we live and die to hit the road, but many of us have to work, too!

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8) Training Encouragement

Have an aspiring marathoner on your list? A GPS watch might be in order. If you know someone who’s talked about running a marathon for ages, give them the encouragement to make 2019 THEIR year. The Ironman GPS is a perfect gift that isn’t too expensive but does the trick for the newbie, soon-to-be marathoner! (Want more GPS watch options? Check out my earlier blog post, “Which Watch is Right for You? Our Reviews on 4 GPS Running Watches.”)

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9) One & Done

This is for the person on your gift-giving list who completed a marathon and has sworn not to do another. Let them know in a humorous way that you understood what it took! This “Longest Run Ever” t-shirt is something they can wear like a badge of honor to tell everyone they did it. (Available in men’s and women’s styles.)

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10) Mommy or Daddy Marathoner

Know someone who added a baby to the family this year or who is expecting in the new year? This CafePress Future Marathoner onesie is the ideal gift for a new-parent marathoner. Our children are extensions of ourselves, and these parents-to-be will likely have running aspirations for their little one from day one. This onesie not only shows off that Mommy or Daddy are accomplished runners; it is cute and funny too! It is one of the gifts that runners will love – and babies too.

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11) Yay, Mom!

If it was Mom’s year to shine, show her how proud you are of her by letting her tell the world with this awesome t-shirt. Moms don’t get as much praise or acknowledgment as we deserve for the things that we do. Trust us: Running a marathon was a big deal for her. It’s not too late to show her that you noticed!

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12) Dual Housewarming Christmas Gift

Know someone who moved into a new home or apartment near the holidays? Give them a dual Christmas/housewarming gift with these cute, 26.2 mile coasters. Made from acrylic, they will protect any surface. And they are also a great way to show off your loved one’s accomplishment year-long.

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If finding the perfect gift for the runner on your list is stressing you out, don’t let it. Take the advice from someone who knows: As runners, we are a breed all-our-own. These fantastic gifts are a perfect way to put a smile on your loved one’s face!

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