Does the Person You Love, Love Running? Then They’ll Love These Great Valentines Day Runner’s Gifts!

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Let’s face it, not everyone is a born runner, nor do they love to run. But if the person you love, loves hitting the pavement, what better way is there to say “What is important to you, is important to me” than getting them something for Valentine’s Day that is super thoughtful? If you are scrambling trying to think about what to get your significant other this year, these are great Valentine’s Day runner’s gifts that are sure to be a hit!

 Inspirational Socks

Inspirational Socks by Gone for a Run are needed about this time of year. If you have noticed that your partner doesn’t quite have the same get up and go as the cold weather rages on, these fun athletic socks are a great Valentine’s Day runner’s gift. You will probably get a bit of a chuckle as they open up their “badass” wear. Not only entertaining, but the socks also have no chlorine, and they help to keep feet dry. Inspirational, comedic, and useful? What is better than that?

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Runner’s Charm Bracelet

You don’t have to spend a fortune on jewelry this Valentine’s Day, the girl in your life will love the Infinity Collection Running charm bracelet. To make it more special, along with the gift, send a message that your goal is to collect charms from all the future events that she participates in. And that you will be there to cheer her on every step of the way. The gift can be a bracelet and a promise all-in-one. A girl likes to know what the plan is in a relationship. So tell her the plan is for you to meet her running goals side-by-side!

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Handheld LED Lights 

If you get worried about your SO heading out after dark, or before the sun rises, give them the gift of the Knuckle Light Colors for both of you. This set of LED flashlights are easy to carry and will ensure that motorists see them when visibility is low. Not only does it say that you are thinking about them, but also that you want to protect them. Those are two very thoughtful and welcomed things in a relationship!

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The Hydrosleeve

The Hydrosleeve is a great little tool that I use when I go out on a long run. I am not a fan of the water bottle, but there are times when I could use just a little hydration. This sleeve filled water holder is fantastic. It holds just enough water for one long run. But, unlike water bottles, you don’t have a clunky belt around your waist. It is just an armband that doesn’t interrupt with your running at all. I love mine, and I am confident your girl/boyfriend will too!

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Personal Alarm Keychain

Another great protection tool is the Safe Personal Alarm keychain. I used to live in the downtown area of Chicago, and had I known about it, this would have been an excellent thing to carry around. It might not work for a country runner, but for the young professional amidst a big city, it is an excellent way for your girlfriend to be safer when running around. Unfortunately, most of us wear earbuds while running, which block out when people are approaching. So if you love her, keep her safe. This button goes off in an instant. I clip it to my pants or jacket when I am running now. I no longer live in a big city, but you can’t ever be too careful!

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Pop Socket

If your partner is like the rest of us and misses out on those early morning cuddle sessions to hit the road, then the “Eat, Sleep, Run, Repeat” pop socket is a perfect gift for them. Pop sockets are an awesome tool that I found to prop up my phone when I am driving. So it might not exactly help them when out running, but it is a great gift to make your mate’s life more convenient!

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Humorous Coffee Mug

Got that person in your life who likes to think they are a runner, but deep down you both know that they secretly aren’t? This gag gift is a perfect way to share your little secret that they might not be a world class marathoner, but they are a world class person to you. Just make sure that they don’t really believe the hype about their running abilities, or you could end up insulting them! There is nothing wrong with being “World’s Okayest Runner,” as long as they are on board with the inside joke, not outside of it!

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Travel Flasks

If your Valentine’s love loves the after race party more than the actual race, then the Cruise Runners travel flask is one of the best Valentine’s Day Runner’s gifts there is! If you aren’t so much of a runner either, buy yourself some, and you can celebrate together after watching them cross over the finish line.

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How to Make Yourself Poop

Runners have secrets for race day, and beyond that, we don’t really share with other people. The How to Make Yourself Poop by Runner’s World is a funny gift that says “I get it, runners are an intimate group”. Within the book contains all the answers to runner questions that your loved one might not know what to ask, or don’t know who to ask. Yes, it is a runner’s thing. You might not get it, but they will.

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The LParkin Gifts “One Mile at a Time” bracelet

Since most women like jewelry on Valentine’s Day, don’t go with the regular retail piece! For the love of your life, the LParkin Gifts “One Mile at a Time” bracelet is both simple and elegant. It lets the woman in your life know that you understand how important running is to them. When you love someone, you want to celebrate those things that they hold dear. This bracelet is not only motivation; it is a way to let your significant other know that you support them every step of the way. Whether they are training for a marathon or they hit the pavement, committed each day without fail, this bracelet will make them smile every time they strap on their shoes. And it is lightweight enough that they don’t have to take it off when they do go for a run!

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The Race Care Package

Is a race on their calendar for the new year? For the newbie marathoner in your life, give them the gift that makes sure they are ready for whatever might come their race way. The Race Care Package will follow them to their very first, or even their one hundredth, race. The novelty is that they won’t have to think about and anticipate everything they will need, you ensure that they will have it! The bag is reusable too, so it is a gift they can ultimately use all year long. 

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Snot Mittens

Snot Mittens are a great way to say “We’ve hit that comfort level in our relationship”. Now that the weather is getting super frigid, the snow mittens will keep their nose chafe-free! It might seem like a silly and insignificant gesture and gift, but taking care of them from their head to their nose is a great way to say “I love all of you” this Valentine’s Day!

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Even if you aren’t a runner by nature, if your loved one is, then tell them you understand their greatest passion by getting them one of these great Valentine’s Day runner’s gifts this year. Whether for encouragement or an inside joke to share, when you acknowledge what someone you love, loves, it says “I love you!” For more great runner gift ideas, check out Racertrips’ product and gear reviews today!

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