The Show Must Go On: Marathon Wear for Rainy or Inclement Weather

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Unfortunately, the powers that be don’t always care that you have spent countless months working tirelessly to train for a marathon. Although you hope for moderate temperatures and maybe some sunshine, that is not always what you get. But in the world of marathons, the show must go on and it’s important to be prepared for whatever weather might come your way—from rain to sleet to snow. To be prepared for whatever life throws your way on race day, invest in these rain running gear must-have items!

Asics Running Shoes

One advantage that Asics running shoes have over many other comparable brands is that they are lightweight and composed of mesh. When you are running in the rain, Asics do a great job of wicking water away, so that your feet don’t feel like they’ve been filled by cement. Their lightweight design is also a Godsend if the rain continues to pour down. Of all the running shoes I have used, Asics handle wet conditions the best, hands down. My favorite is Asics the Gel-Nimbus 19, but all of the Asics running shoes I have had over the years have the same mesh features. They are one rain running gear must-have, that you really must-have.

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ViperGear Rain Poncho

A rain poncho is an absolute must. But if you are an arm pumper like me, then some of them can get you caught up, and make running more difficult. The ViperGear rain poncho is one of the most lightweight ponchos that I have found. It also has shortened arms that don’t tend to get in the way when running. The beauty of the ViperGear Rain Poncho is that you can easily take it off when the rain lets up, and continue on your way. Unlike a jacket, it is completely disposable and worry-free.

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Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones

If you are looking for the best waterproof earbuds to take on your rainy day marathon, then the Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones are perfect. They are lightweight and completely waterproof. So let the rain fall as hard as it wants to, these earbuds keep working through it. Due to their design, they also stay put, even if the rain starts coming down hard. The best part about them is that they cost less than $20, and have all the same features as earbuds that are significantly more expensive. They are definitely a rain running gear must-have.

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Yaktrax Run Traction Cleats

If there is a suspicion of sleet or snow, slip on a pair of Yaktrax. They fit like a glove and you hardly notice that you have them on. These little shoe gadgets fit over any running shoe and they don’t slow you down. They also ensure that you don’t hit a patch of ice and risk hurting yourself. The snow and sleet might put some minutes on the clock, but these will actually help you go faster because they grip the pavement for you even in the worst weather possible. They have saved me from falling on my behind many times during my midwest runs!

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The North Face Woman’s Apex Bionic Jacket

Sorry guys, this recommendation is just for women. The North Face Woman’s Apex Bionic Jacket is by far my favorite running jacket for rain, sleet or snow. It has a lightweight feel and is completely fitted. It provides the most advanced windproof outer shell and is water-resistant. The fleece barrier keeps your body warmer and gives you softer, more giving support than other mesh jackets. I’ve tried other rain running jackets, but this one is hands-down the best. Although the price is pretty stiff at $150, it is well worth it! There is a men’s version, too, but I haven’t tried it. If you are a guy looking for an all weather jacket to go running in, you should definitely consider it. You will probably fall in love, too.

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Yogipace Leggings

If your legs are soaking wet, it can make it more difficult to shave time off your marathon run. These Yogipace leggings are water resistant and lightweight. Completely fitted, the tapered feet make sure that you don’t get tripped up when there is low visibility. They also have zippered pockets, which help to keep anything you are bringing along dry and on-hand. They are a definite must for all sorts of unfavorable weather conditions. The best part is that they keep you warm and have compression to energize your tired legs too! They are definitely a rain running gear must-have item.

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While many of you may prefer fair weather, I am a person who loves running in the rain. In fact, if I know the rain is coming, I can’t lace up my shoes quickly enough. That being said, rain on marathon day is not fun. After all the training you put in, rain is an additional hurdle that can slow you down if you aren’t prepared. Make sure you’re ready for whatever comes your way with these great running gear must-have items.

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