Forget the Flowers: Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms Who Are Runners

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner. This year, instead of giving Mom the same old flower arrangement, give her what she really wants: a little encouragement from you. Your Mom is your champion, your voice of reason, and also your greatest motivator. Repay her kindness and encouragement with these running gifts designed to keep her pounding the pavement and pursuing her running goals!

Runner’s World Meals on the Run

When a Mom’s schedule becomes too hectic, two things suffer: time for herself and her nutrition. But when training for a marathon or half mrathon, your diet is key. Runner’s World Meals on the Run contains recipes that can all be prepared in 30 minutes or less. They taste great AND contain all the right nutrition Mom needs for her training. Sure, your Mom has all sorts of favorites to put on the table. But help her save time and find some new family favorites with this excellent recipe resource!

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Runner’s World: The Runner’s Brain

Women are excellent multitaskers. But sometimes, all the things we have to do can get into our head and start to become overwhelming. Running is one of the ways that we clear our heads and put things into priority. But if Mom’s goal is to set a personal best, having all those stressful things weighing her down can affect her running. The Runner’s Brain is a way to think smarter in order to run better. Help Mom refocus her energy and leave the world behind when she takes off to run. This book will give her a leg up mentally to focus on herself, which is something most Moms rarely do!

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Motivational Runner Keychain

What better way is there to provide daily inspiration than to attach it to one thing Mom often has in hand? With this motivational keychain, Mom will see a boost of encouragement and positivity as she drives you to and from your activities. This motivational quote will let her know that you believe in her as much as she believes in you.

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FlexFixx FOOTFIXX Massage Ball Therapy

Sure, a massage is an excellent gift for Mother’s Day, so by all means, buy her a certificate for one. But Moms with busy schedules often delay massage appointments. To make it easier for Mom to ease her aches and pains, give her the FlexFixx massage ball therapy set. It helps to alleviate trigger points that not only come from training, but also from the stress of being an in-demand Mom. With this massage therapy set, Mom can alleviate her own symptoms when they arise and help treat her pain symptoms until she can get in for a professional massage.

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FayBox Magic Wide Headbands

As the weather starts to heat up, so will the sweat factor. The Faybox Magic Wide Headbands are a perfect way for Mom to keep the sweat from burning her eyes and slowing her down. They will also keep her protected from the sun’s ray and reduce premature aging. The best part, however, is that they are super comfy and can be worn in many different ways. The Faybox headbands come in all different colors, so choose Mom’s favorite and give her a this special treat on her special day.

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Sole Words: An Inspirational Coloring Book for Runners

Remember when you were little how Mom would take the time out of her harried schedule to sit and color with you? It might not have all been for your benefit. Coloring is an excellent stress release, too, even for adults. And while Mom might not have much downtime now, even a few minutes of coloring these inspirational quotes will help keep Mom motivated and running strong.

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One for Her Friend too!

If Mom likes to take the family dog along on her training runs, take one thing off of her hands by getting her the PETRIP. It allows Mom to run alongside her companion without having to hold onto a leash. The hands-free leash is also retractable so she can keep your dog at the right distance. It makes a great gift for Mom and pooch alike.

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TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses

If you are a Mom like me, finding the right sunglasses—and holding onto them—is nearly impossible. The TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses will not only protect Mom’s eyes from sun damage, but they look great, fit amazingly well, and are so lightweight that Mom will hardly notice she’s wearing them!

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NURSAL TENS Rechargeable Pain Relief

Although we all hate to admit it, as we get older, things seem to be a bit more painful. If Mom is just starting out or is increasing her mileage, those sore muscles are probably running her down both physically and mentally. The NURSAL TENS electronic pain relief massager really works. I used to suffer for days from sore muscles that would keep me from getting back out there. But this machine helps to cool things down, increases my quality of sleep, and reduces pain from day to day—whether it is from running or just day-to-day activities. It is about the best thing you can give Mom this Mother’s Day!

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For all that your Mother is to you and does for you, put the time into finding her the best running gifts for Mother’s Day.

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