Keep Your New Year’s Resolution Going With These Running Motivators

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The sad reality is that 80 percent of all of us who make New Year’s Resolutions fail to keep them until February. If your New Year’s Resolution was to hit the pavement rain or shine or to train for a marathon and this cold weather is quickly draining your gumption to carry on, try these running motivators to carry you well into spring. With these motivators, you may even be among the 8 percent who actually succeed in making your New Year’s Resolution come true!

A ‘Pop’ of Motivation

If you resolved to complete your first marathon this year, show your commitment proudly for all to see. What is better motivation than sharing your resolution with the world? Science tells us that there is no greater motivator than peer pressure. So scream “26.2” to the world by attaching this quick reminder to your phone. Pop Sockets are not only handy, this one can also be your friendly reminder to keep on, keeping on, even when the thrill seems to be wearing off!

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Beanie Buds Streaming a New Playlist

When the weather dips outside, wearing a hat to protect you from the cold while running is essential. Unfortunately, wearing earbuds under a hat can become super cumbersome and even a pit painful. To hit the trails with a hat and speakers in one, try this Bluetooth beanie hat. It has wireless connectivity, sounds excellent, and is not only great for running: It also looks cool for other winter sports. Part of the whole motivation is you can create a new playlist on your phone and stream it to the beanie to get your heart racing and your feet stomping. Sometimes all it takes is a little pick-me-up to make training days less grueling.

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Top Off Your Layers to Keep you Toasty

Layers are essential when you are going out in the cold running. They help to absorb and whisk away moisture and still keep you warm. The ASICS Lite-Show Winter Jacket is a perfect outer layer. It is super-fitted so that you don’t have the wind rushing up your stomach. And the thumb-holes help keep the arms of the jacket down. I can put my gloves over them and everything is sealed and stays put. It is a bit pricey but well worth it!

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Get the Oxygen Flowing

The hardest part about marathon training is that it seems like you never get “used” to it. If sore and tired legs are what is plaguing you and turning your motivation button off, try Physix Compression socks. I was a real skeptic about whether a leg band could increase blood flow enough to make you want to go longer and harder. But these help to stimulate and get your blood pumping. It is always easy to hit the trails when you have a little boost of energy, and these work.

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Keep Strong Inside and Out

Training for a marathon can take its toll on your immune system if you aren’t replenishing all the nutrients that you deplete. Some of us can’t even get enough calories in per day to meet our nutritional requirements. To help your immune system so that you don’t get benched due to sickness—a sure motivation killer—try Super Foods Vital Greens Powder antioxidant superfoods supplement. Taking this supplement has been proven to increase energy, help with recovery time, and boost your immunity to fight cold and flu season. I take it religiously, and knock on wood: I’ve been flu-free for 2 years… although I probably just jinxed myself.

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Don’t Let Your Achilles Heel be Your Achilles Heel

If you have a problem with your foot arches, that can put a real damper on your motivation to run! I have a problem with my Achilles tendon (it really is my Achilles tendon). But the TechWare Pro compression sleeve has helped with my post-run swelling and heel pain. It is the only relief that I have found that helps reduce the symptoms of a long-term heel injury that can set any good New Year’s resolution off course.

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Touch Screen Gloves That Keep You Warm Too

I might be the only one who is super particular about the running gloves that I use, but I can’t stand when they are super padded and restrictive. But I also want them bulky enough to protect my hands against the cold. What I really can’t stand is having to pull off my gloves to change a song while running. Anyone who has ever had to do that knows that it is easy to lose your balance when distracted, especially in the cold and wet conditions of winter.

The Tough Outdoors Touch Screen Running Gloves are a perfect fit for all of my needs. They keep my hands warm, aren’t too stuffy, but dry enough, and they work on my touch screen without having to take them off. The best part is they are so cheap that I own two pairs. So when they get dirty, I can just toss them in the washer and still have an extra pair.

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The Carrot at the End of the Stick

There is nothing that will keep you motivated more than knowing there is a hot bath soak waiting once your run is done. The Athlete Bath Salt is my favorite way to recover after a run. It might not get me motivated to put one foot in front of the other, but it is the carrot that allows my mind to justify the torture of cold-weather running! Sometimes the best running motivators are those that are waiting post-run.

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Chemical Energy to Go!

We all have those cold winter days when we’re totally dragging and our bed looks a whole lot better than our running shoes. These are some of the hardest mornings to get going. For me, drinking coffee or soda before I head out for a run doesn’t do my stomach any favors. When I need a little chemical motivation, CCL caffeine inhaled supplements do the trick. It is super fast acting, it doesn’t taste bad, there is no stomach upset, and it doesn’t have any sugar. It literally is just the little push you need to choose the shoes over snooze. This inhaler is one of the best running motivators I have in my arsenal.

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Who doesn’t love the clean slate that a New Year’s Resolution offers? Stay strong. Stay committed. And reward and motivate yourself with some of these great running products!

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