Running Gifts for Father’s Day to Keep Dad Moving

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Your dad works tirelessly to provide for your family day in, and day out. This year, instead of getting him another tie, show him that you care by supporting a hobby he loves. Whether he has a marathon on his bucket list, or if he has been a life-long runner, make his day by giving him a Father’s Day gift he will really enjoy. These are the top running gifts for Father’s Day that will help put a pep in his step to work hard and make it across the finish line. At the same time, they will show your support for his aspirations and goals and say, “I love and appreciate you, dad!”.

Hydration Pack

As the summer heats up, you don’t want him out there without a way to rehydrate. Keep his hydration in check by giving him this Hydration Backpack that can hold up to 2L. He doesn’t have to pull out any water bottles with the convenient hydration bladder and tube. That means no distraction while he is out on his long morning or evening runs! The pack is also insulated so the water will be refreshing for up to four hours. For that reason, this hydration pack is not just for training, but for when he makes it to his first, or fiftieth, marathon. It is also lightweight and compact, for a comfortable all-around fit.

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The Physix Compression Socks

It’s hard to admit, but getting old can come with a few aches and pains. It can also come with some pretty persistent injuries, especially for a diehard runner! To keep your dad energized, while also staving away pesky calf injuries, the Physix Compression Socks are a great tool. They are lightweight, which is important over the long, hot summer. They not only will keep his muscle’s tight and in check, but they won’t overheat. Putting them on is like a breath of fresh air to your lower legs, and they really give you a little extra to go longer and harder.

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80/20 Running: Run Stronger and Race Faster by Training Slower

Sometimes, the hardest part about training is learning to slow down after bulding fitness, to avoid overtraining injuries. Your dad might be a victim of going all out and falling just short of his running goals. This book by well-known running coach Matt Fitzgerald is all about slow running 80% of the time and fast running 20% of the time in training. The idea behind it is to listen to your body, and instead of pushing it past the limits, to take it slower and run longer and faster. It might not be what he wants to hear, but it might be what he needs to. This time it is time for you to school dad, and this book will help his running mental game!

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SILKWORLD Men’s Swim Trunks Quick Dry Beach Shorts

If your dad is not just a runner, but also an avid outdoorsman, then these shorts are the perfect gift. There is nothing worse than trunks that don’t wick and cause chaffing. The SILKWORLD shorts are one of the quickest drying swim trunks that you can buy. That means he can go from sand to beach running without stopping for a costume change. By giving him these, you might open up a whole new world to his outdoor lifestyle!

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For the Politically Involved

If you have the type of dad who is very opinionated about the government, then the “I run better than the government” t-shirt will bring a smile to his face! For the politically motivated runner in the crowd, this t-shirt says it all! Tell dad you are actually paying attention when he talks about things that matter to him by giving him this funny shirt for when he is out on the trails and beyond.

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Chill Pal

Nothing is worse than running with sweat pouring down into your eyes. The Chill Pal is an excellent towel that your dad can take along. It is so lightweight that he can wear it around his neck to cool things off. That way, it is readily available to wipe his forehead when the summer is in full swing and things really heat up. To keep dad dry and to help cool him down to achieve his goals, this towel is the best one on the market. And it is definitely something he will appreciate, not just for running, but for all things outdoors.

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The Universal Phone Holder Armband

You don’t want dad out on the road without a way to call for help in case of an emergency. But holding a phone wile running is not only inconvenient, but also a great way to break it. The Universal Phone Holder Armband is an excellent way to make things hands-free. Go one step further and download a good playlist to keep him motivated. Or, upload an excellent running app like MapmyRun by UnderArmor. That way, he can track his progress and be safe while hitting the wide open road. It is one of the best running gifts for Father’s Day!

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Massage Ball Spiky Foot Massager

Getting dad to a massage appointment might not be realistic, but if he is suffering from sore arches, it can really slow him down. The Massage Ball Spiky Foot Massager is literally just what the doctor ordered. The massager targets trigger points to loosen up tissue and provide dad with some relief to get him back out on the trails. The massager also comes with a full manual about how to use it. Help dad to get some of the kinks out and enjoy his journey a little more.

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Dads do so much for the their children in their lives, which is why Father’s Day was created. Show dad how much you care about him, his goals, and his hobbies by buying him one of these Father’s Day running gifts that will inspire him to realize his goals. Help keep him out on the trails, and remind him how much you love him. For more runner’s gear reviews, check out Racertrips today!

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